About Us


My name is Troy, and I am the creator of Destroy Apparel. 

We live in society deprived of inspiration, and I hope to change that. When you wear a piece of my collection you will know you are representing a brand aimed to help others and designed to encourage unity. The efforts of the organizations I support inspire me to step up and do my part. I want to influence more people to get involved. I will always fight for what I believe is right, and I invite you to join me. My clothing line features designs inspired by the listed organizations and charities that have done so much to help so many. A portion of each item purchased will be donated to the charity it represents. You can make a difference. A step toward a better world starts with you. 

My mission is to better the world. Knowing that there are people out there who want to help others, who are searching for new ways to stand up for what they believe in, gave me courage to make a difference. I could no longer sit by with a dream in my pocket. I wanted my own line of clothing. I wanted designs with purpose. It was time to make my idea a reality.  So, that's what I'm doing.