Destroy Apparel was featured on a YOUTUBE CHANNEL!!!! "WHAAAAAA?" 
This was an amazing opportunity. A customer of mine decided they were going to upload a video unboxing and debuting some new designs! He is a very outspoken and charismatic individual and has a very youthful sense of humor! He is always very open about his life and his opinions on his channel, so it was an honor that he shared his thoughts on Destroy Apparel. 
Matt Winters is a Youtuber from Bakersfield California who is also part of the LGBTQ community. Matt is currently transitioning to the person he truly feels he is supposed to be! GO MATT!!!!! #EQALITYFORALL I have learned that Matt and I have quite a bit in common! Being able to reach someone so far away through my clothing has really been a blessing! He is a great advocate for the LGBTQ community and it is so awesome to see that he has an interest in my line! Definitely check out his channel and sites by clicking on the links below! 



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SUPER big fan of Matty! Love his videos!

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