You are not alone.

Today is a difficult and life altering day. For many, tears and fear have filled our recent hours as we once again are forced to conform to the masses. Last night, we did not destroy hate, we did not destroy prejudice, and we did not destroy inequality. We encouraged racism, hateful rhetoric, division, and took a huge risk. The causes we fight for haven't changed, the morals and ideas of a better future that we hope to instill in our younger generations have not changed, only farther from reach. We can not stop dreaming, standing up for basic human rights, spreading love and encouraging unity. We are stronger together. 

We will continue to do the work that we do, donate to those strong enough to be our voice, work side by side with these amazing organizations that fight for every human being. Although minorities, a large portion of the United States population is in fear of losing basic human rights, but more so are terrified at the amount of support given to a team so diligent to take away what he have worked so hard for.

The LGBT community is not the only community affected by this outcome. To over look the people of color, disabled individuals, women, Muslims, Latinos, and other groups of minorities, would be exactly what we are fighting against. Exclusion. We need to realize that all of these groups are now painfully misrepresented which is frightening. 

However, We will continue our fight, we will proceed with our journey to destroy hate, prejudice and inequality. We are stronger together. No matter who you voted for, people need your help, communities need your help. If you are truly for a better America and a greater America. You need to take action. What are you doing to create an inclusive United States of America. Do all human beings not deserve equal rights? This yes or no question is one that should not even be contemplated. Donate, to ANY ORGANIZATION for human rights, or equality. Volunteer to fight against hate and division. God created us all equal. So stand with your equals, and fight for a better America. 

To those who feel misrepresented and mistreated, there are communities, organizations, charities, support groups, hotlines, and loving people out there willing to stand with us. Find them, and stand together. Most importantly, love each other. 


If you are needing to talk, do not be afraid to call. Reach out!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Trans Lifeline: (877) -565-8860

Trevor Project: (866)-488-7386

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