We are so excited to announce our fall/winter collection! We have added 4 significant pieces that you cant live without this winter season! In this blog we will discuss the new styles in our newest collection and let you in on what we have been up to!

Before we show you the collection lets update you!

After the 2016 Little Rock Pride Fest we realized just how much of an impact we could actually make. We talked to many people about the things in their lives that they would destroy. Many said hate, prejudice, personal demons, stigmas, labels, and inequality. Meeting people in our community that would voice what holds them back in life and encouraging them to destroy those things to live an optimistic life was enriching to us. The abundant amount of hugs, smiles, happy customers, supportive onlookers, only increased our confidence in knowing that as a new small business and clothing line that we were accepted and not judged in such a diverse setting. 

When the day was completed and we calculated the percentages of what we had made in donations alone I could have cried. I was so excited that we were making a difference. It makes our hearts so happy that we could create a way to encourage people to donate while  spending money on our clothing that they would have already spent on other clothing. Not  to mention the quality of our brand is amazing! 

With all of that being said its time to release our fall collection!!! YAY!!!!!!

All of these items are extremely comfy and fashionable. 

The "Weathered Sweater for Sweater Weather"

This sweater has a weathered look in three different fabric styles. We have the Acid Grey, Marbled Ice and Marbled Cherry. All three are amazing for winter weather as they are thick sweaters with enough room to add layers below. The Weathered Sweater is made of ringspun cotton, and polyester and is super soft to the touch!! Displaying our simplified destroy logo, these are fashion statement pieces with a hint of activism.


The "Weathered Drop Shoulder"

Related to the "Weathered Sweater" these three items are colored in marbled and weathered looks as well. This pieces in a thinner long sleeve with a drop shoulder. This top has a figured fit. Displaying our simplified destroy logo, these are perfect for inconsistent weather as they can be layered over easily but hold a great sense of fashion all by themselves. 


The "Simplici(Tee) Long"

The original Simplici(Tee) just got better with our new long sleeve additions. These long sleeves are slightly different than the original simplicitees as they are 100% cotton and slightly fitted. Order 1 size up for a looser fit. Sharing the same Simple design and original motto/logo from the Destroy Apparel line, this is a great piece to have! 


and last but not least:

The "Hooded Long Sleeve"

This item is so comfortable and fashionable! Made of 100% ringspun cotton they are perfect for fall/winter. Displaying our Geronimo collection logo form Destroy Apparel the hooded long sleeve is a nice and comfy fall fashion piece. 


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