First of all, Thank you to everyone that has supported me! I wanted to share a couple images with you of some of my original designs. I am so grateful to my peers that once believed in my dream. The dream grew, and so has my drive. Back then I was only making shirts for people that asked or that were interested, and I was only charging cost of supplies and 1 dollar per hour/per design. so sometimes I would make around 3-4 dollars on a shirt that I custom made and took me a long time to make, or I would give it away for free. I am happy to say that this is still true. Currently I donate a large portion of each shirt to an organization because I have found an amazing way to help others and do what I love. I will be giving away shirts monthly as I add new designs and bring in more and more amazing organizations. If you have ever received a designed shirt from me please share it with me! it warms my heart and fuels my drive to see my old work.  Some of the big influences from back when I first started doing this, I would like to pay credit to:

Ashley Suarez- You were my daily inspiration, constantly pushing me to do new things and encouraging me to be myself. I still think of you when I start a new design concept. You took my art seriously and helped me pour my heart into my dream. Thank you for that :D

Lauren Schnelli- Beauty, Humor and Dignity always seemed to be the best ways of describing you. You were such an amazing friend to me and always will be! You were always quick to tell me your opinion about my designs and ultimately always backed me up! You were a huge part of my journey and for that i am grateful! Thanks LALA

Karlee and Kaytlyn - My sanity would have surely been lost if not for you two.  You helped hold me together when I lost faith in myself and lacked courage. You two boosted me up and made me feel like I could do anything and that I was worth something. If not for you two. My dream would have surely died. 

I had many friends that believed in me and my work, Jessica Jackson, Ashley Huber, Victoria Rose, and many more, but without you all my journey would be worth so much less than it is. 


Thank you to everyone!


P.S. If you have any images of my designs, or images of you with my designs please share them! I will choose one of you to receive a free shirt and a donation to an organization, or charity of your choice!!! 


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I remember each and every one of you girls. Thank you for supporting Troy. I also remember all the t-shirts and how hard he worked on them. Love seeing you guys in his shirts.

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