Destroy the hate and LOVE yourself. "Be kinder to yourself and then let your kindness flood the world." ----Pema Chödron

Vintage Distressed Equali-Tee

Vintage Distressed Equali-Tee

This design was created as a new take on our previous "Equali-Tee". The Vintage / Distressed fabric is a representation of the constant wear and tear on unequal communities within our society. The standing equal symbol is a reminder that no matter how hard they try we will always stand for equality.



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We at Destroy Apparel are passionate in our journey to Destroy hate, prejudice, and inequality.
You can help us make a difference. 
A portion of every purchase is directly donated to the item's corresponding organization. 
Help us promote a life of optimistic living. Together, we can shape lives, create awareness, change the world ...
starting with yours.
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